Charles has frequently testified at council meetings and is committed to finding progressive solutions to the issues facing Burien

Public Safety

  • Body cameras for every Burien officer
  • Mental health professionals and caseworkers to respond to individuals in crisis
  • Reevaluate the contract with the Sheriff’s office and consider alternative models of providing police service
  • Work with our state and federal legislative delegation to end civil asset forfeiture and qualified immunity, eliminate cash bail, decriminalize drugs, and make other systemic changes

Housing Justice

  • Make permanent our Affordable Housing Demonstration Program
  • Follow the lead of major US cities such as Minneapolis and end single family zoning
  • Enact a Homeless Bill of Rights substantially identical to the model promoted by the Western Regional Advocacy Project

Economic Development

  • Improve transit capacity along our primary commercial corridors
  • Promote mixed-use development and relax height and parking restrictions
  • Locate outside funding for a universal basic income pilot program
    Establish a municipal broadband network
  • Establish a municipal bank

Reform and Transparency

  • Adopt ranked-choice voting for city elections (Charles was named an RCV Champion by Fairvote WA)
  • Stream and record meetings for all advisory boards and allow virtual testimony even after COVID restrictions are lifted
  • Adopt a city charter to codify and protect fundamental city policies from amendment without the consent of voters

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Begin all city meetings with an acknowledgement that we are on the lands of the coash salish people
  • Gender-neutral language in all city laws and other documents


  • Promote our status as a “Tree City” and encourage tree retention and planting, especially in public spaces
  • Hold the Port of Seattle accountable for the health impacts of airplane noise and emissions on Burien residents
  • Encourage sustainable practices both within city hall and in the community